Assembly - General

Assembly - 6502

Commodore Hacking

Commodore Hacking is a net-magazine that I started to cover technical aspects of the Commodore 8-bit computers, primarily Commodore 64 and 128 at the time. As well as serving as editor I also wrote a number of articles covering various chips, techniques and introductions related to programming on these machines. Other contributors wrote articles such as memory management, tricks that could be performed with the video and sound chips etc.


Computer Math - pdf download

This is an early effort to document a number of low-level math operations from a computer engineering perspective. It is incomplete currently and certain sections I plan to go back and re-do in an attempt to making things even clearer.

Java Examples

GitHub: CTalkobt/java_examples

A project intended to have a number of examples of various java libraries and samples of how-to's. Different modules are seperated into among others, java core, easyMock and Groovy.


GitHub: CTalkobt/stubUnit

Allows for the population of a long-chain / complex hierarchy of dto relationships for use in unit testing./p>


GitHub: CTalkobt/Syllogism

Currently under development this is the beginning (still under development) of a group of AI agents that will evaluate and attempt to answer certain natural language inquiries. The controller will then prioritize the potential results based upon past performance and the agent's own evaluation of it's confidence in the resulting answer.